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AhYatA well-recognized Hong Kong brand boasting restaurants renowned across 7 different countries, including 3 in Singapore, as master of abalone and culinary stalwart brand. Ah Yat presents a plethora of mouth-watering Hong Kong-style dishes. From day one, abalone has always been the headline act as Ah Yat – their signature dishes like Ah Yat Baked Rice with Abalone (阿一鲍鱼焗饭) and Ah Yat Noodles with Abalone (阿一鲍鱼捞面), showcases the chefs’ masterful handling of this precious seafood; each plump morsel releases all of its natural juices as it is chewed. A top-secret recipe of 40 years legacy, Ah Yat’s time honoured signature abalone sauce are faithfully brewed with goose web, chicken, duck and premium JINHUA ham. Ah Yat Kitchen also offers variety of dim sum items at an affordable price of $3.60 each.

Specialties: Ah Yat Baked Rice with Abalone, Ah Yat Noodles with Abalone

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