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By popular demand, Apa Rojak, which originated from Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, arrives at our shores to satisfy the tastebuds of its Singaporean fans! Using a unique homemade recipe created 40 years ago by owner, Christine’s Apa himself, the blended sauce is comparatively “lighter and fresher in terms of taste”. To ensure this, their peanut garnish is manually grounded upon each order so that the peanut flavour and fragrance is at its freshest when served. Not a fan of traditional Rojak? Fret not as Apa Rojak serves up alternative variations of the local mixed salad such as ‘Taupok Rojak’ and ‘Snowjak’, which uses a special mayonnaise mix with Apa’s sauce. Last but not least, staunch vegans can now also indulge in the Vegetarian Rojak which assures the same good old taste using Apa Rojak’s secret vegetarian sauce.

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