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Nasi Rawan

Dapur Padang (Padang Kitchen) is owned by Mrs Wahyuningsilh. Their sister outlet, called Padang Padang, is located at ION’s Food Opera. Recipes here are inspired by the owner’s grandmother – a third generation Peranakan from Indonesia. Padang cuisine is the traditional food of ‘Urang Minang’ (Minang people) who inhabits West Sumatra, Indonesia, and retains its original taste and health benefits. Customers have to look out for their new Gulai Mutton which joins their large menu offerings. The key to this cuisine’s rich flavour and mouth-watering aroma is the correct blend of spices. They are committed to using only natural ingredients and traditional recipes for all their dishes.

Signature Dishes: Curry Chicken, Gulai Mutton, Nasi Rawan (Padang style mixed rice)

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