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Originating from Chongqing, Jinyun Mountain, spicy dry hot pots are popular in the region where locals love to mix a variety of vegetables with seasoning and cook them. Meat, seafood and other premium ingredients like sesame chicken, chili chicken and braised meat, will also be added to the mix when guests are present at the table. In recent years, Sichuan’s chefs have brought the recipe of this dry hot pot to our shores, developing it to be served in restaurants. Taste wise, it is a fusion of Chongqing Hot Pot and Sichuan style dry pot which enhances the distinctive taste of the signature notes: dry, numbing, spicy and fragrant. The heat level is categorized from 5-7, allowing diners to customize the spice level according to palate preferences. Health benefits are apparent as Chinese herbs are used as the raw ingredient in the spicy pot, which eventually aids in “removing heat”, hence it is a special diet suitable for relieving humidity in a climate like ours.

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