Li Xin Teochew Fish Ball Kway Tiao Mee

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The secret to Li Xin’s amazing fishballs lies in two things – top-grade fish meat and freshness. To maintain the highest quality, Li Xin’s fishballs are made twice-daily using only superior yellowtail fish and kept chilled in cold water but never frozen. Owner Mr Eddie Lim, son of founder Lim Lee Seng, says that this method has been used since his father’s time to keep the fishballs soft, bouncy and succulent. Besides making fishballs from scratch, they also create their own chilli sauce and fry their own crispy lard. Staying true to his father’s legacy, Mr Lim continues to use the same recipe that has made Li Xin’s fishball noodles so well loved since 1968.

Signature Dishes:  Fishball Noodles (Dry and soup with a selection of noodles)

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