Lim’s Yong Tau Foo

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What earned Lim’s Yong Tau Foo their thousands of adoring fans and made it stand out among competition is their signature fried tofu with the minced meat version— on its own, dry and with their home-made chilli sauce, there to get you all fired up. The stuffing you find in Lim’s Yong Tau Foo isn’t just surface cosmetics; it goes right into the heart of the tofu. Similar adoration for the bitter gourd stuffed with minced meat and 50 other yong tau foo ingredients that customers can choose from. Founded in 1995 by Gan Hock Lim, another of Lim’s Yong Tau Foo’s success lies in their insistence on cooking their ingredients separately from the main soup broth that is served so that the sweetness is retained. They also offer a selection of other broths such as curry and tom yum for customers who prefer a little spice in their meals.

Specialties: Curry Yong Tau Foo, Handmade Yong Tau Foo (Soup/ Dry)

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