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Soup Guru

Customers can enjoy the same old goodness with more popular household favourites; coupled with the same incredible taste. Cooked over constant fire, or more commonly known as “老火” (old fire), the essence of ingredients is infused into the soup and promises a rich taste. The variety of tonic soups offers a range of detoxifying and beautifying purposes.

Soups are boiled daily in the wee hours of the morning using fresh ingredients that are delivered to the stall directly. Boiling soups is a test of the chef’s expertise, and the result is the high standards of soups at Orchard Road Soup Guru.

Specialties: Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Night Blooming Cereus Rejuvenating Soup, Buddha Fruit with Watercress and Pork Ribs Soup, Papaya Pork Ribs with White Fungus Soup, Winter Melon Barley Detoxifying Soup

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