Food Republic @ Shaw House

Upon entering the spacious food atrium situated at the basement of Shaw House, customers will be greeted by the vibrant and trendy hues and wide array of food options – both local & regional. The interior of Shaw Lido is decked in bright and flashy colours, featuring arcade machines and wall murals which will help to encapsulate the energetic and vibrant vibe that would attract the young.

With more than 20 food stalls, the gastronomic spread of comfort nosh at Food Republic spans across Asia. From comfort food ban mian at Mian Mian Ju Dao, warming bowls of pho from Little Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine to the savoury Sarawak delights at Tasty Sarawak Kolo Mee, there is something for everyone at this outlet.

Featured Stalls

Lido - Mala Hot Pot

Juice Bar

Ice Shop

Jia Jia Le Cuisine (Chinese Mixed Vegetable Rice)

Hoe Heng Korean Cuisine

Little Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Teppanyaki Omu Curry Rice & Donburi

Hot & Cold

Ya Fu Kitchen Mini Wok Zhi Char

Warung Padang

Steam Kitchen Herbal Soup

Jiak Ba Bowl by FRITE

Ah Lim's Yong Tau Foo

Mian Mian Ju Dao

You Men Hong Kong Roast

Tongue Tip Express LanZhou Beef Noodles

My Elephant Thai Cuisine

Chai's Original Sliced Fish Soup

Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chirashi-Tei Japanese Cuisine

Ju Fu Mala Kitchen

Tasty Sarawak Kolo Mee

Neo's Kueh