Food Opera @ ION Orchard

True to its brand ethos of uniting the best of local street fare in a holistic dining concept, Food Opera offers an elegant ambience that comes together with the multitude of delicious heritage dishes from its 27 vendors to create a unique, nostalgic dining experience. Inspired by the timeless British colonial decor style in Singapore during the 1900s era, the sprawling 19,000 square foot space is awash in light blue and ivory, accentuated with brass and earth tones, and characterised by lush greenery and foliage – trademark design features of the 1900s.

Entering Food Opera, diners will be drawn to the alluring sights, sounds and smells from the wide range of stalls, kiosks and mini restaurants serving up a plethora of cuisines featuring local hawker delights and traditional street snacks. Satisfy your cravings with Wu Xiang (5-spiced fritters) & prawn noodles from East Coast Lagoon, or choose from a wide array of fritters from Shou Yi. Thye Hong Hokkien Mee promises to thrill with their selection of Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow & Carrot Cake.

Featured Stalls

Kam's Roast Express

I.Fish Soup

East Coast Lagoon Prawn Noodle.Laksa

Chef Sham Fish Maw Pig Stomach Chicken

Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

Chow Zan Desserts

Thye Hong Fried Prawn Noodles

Shang Hai Fried Xiao Long Bao (Coming Soon!)

Putian Kitchen

Padang Padang Indonesian Cuisine

Ah Chew Yong Tau Foo

Jia Jia Le Cuisine

Rui Feng Korean Cuisine

Song Fa Kway Chap

BaliBali Indonesian BBQ

Pepper Kitchen


Bangkok Gem Thai Cuisine

Capitol Minced Pork Noodles

Piao Xiang Mala Xiang Guo

Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice

Formosa Delights Handmade Noodles

Shou Yi Fried Fritters

Toast Box

Hot & Cold

Juice Bar

Apa Rojak